Precious Dancers Academy Guidelines & Policies


Returned Check Fee: $25

Late Accounts: A $10 charge will be applied to any account that is delinquient on the 10th of the month

PDA Policies

Registration & Tuition Policies:

1. Registration is accepted on a first come first serve basis.
2. Classes will be closed to further enrollment once maximum capacity is reached. Each class must have a minimum of 5 students enrolled.
3. An annual registration fee will be collected at the time of enrollment.

General Policies:

1. Registration, costume and recital fee in addition to tuition payments are non-refundable.
2. There will be no prorating or refunds given due to missed classes.
3. Each student is encouraged to make up missed classes in another appropriate leveled class. This class must be taken within a four week time period.
4. Withdrawing Policy: You must complete a drop form thirty-days prior to your upcoming tuition installment. At this time you will be responsible for the final month's tuition. You will be responsible for the next installment payment if you do not give a 30 day written notice. Please be aware that no refunds or prorating will be issued due to withdrawing from class.
5. Inclement weather: Precious Dancers Academy may choose to cancel classes due to serious inclement weather and a make-up class will be scheduled.
6. Students with an outstanding balance at the end of the year cannot participate in the recital.


1. Safety of your child is our utmost concern.
2. In the case of drop off / pick up, all dancers must be escorted to and from the building.
3. If a health condition exists which will prevent full participation, please notify PDA in writing as soon as possible.
4. Students who have recently been ill must be free of a fever or vomiting 24 hours before returning to class.
5. If someone other than the usual person will be picking up a child then we should be contacted in advance and the individual needs to bring pictorial indentification.

Academy/Classroom Rules:

1. Please do not leave children unattended in the facility where classes are being conducted.
2. No horseplay will be permitted in classroom or facility where classes are being conducted.
3. Teachers reserve the right to dismiss any students from class who continuously disrupts.
4. A parent/teacher conference must take place before a "dismissed student" may return to class.
5. In the case of drop off / pick up, dancers should arrive 5 minutes early to dance class and be picked up promptly after.
6. In the case of drop off / pick up, students should arrive to class fully prepared with hair properly secured and dance shoes on.
7. All students must follow the PDA dress code.
8. Students must keep talking to a minimum.
9. No food, drink, or gum allowed in classroom, only bottled water.
10. Parents are allowed to view the class on the last day of the month (within Preschools or Daycares).
11. If you have cause to discuss your child's dance education then please ask for a private meeting with your child's instructor instead of discussing it with or in front of others at the facility. You will receive our attention and respect.
12. In the event that your child is not quite ready for dance class then please understand that it is not a reflection of of their dance abilities or their future as a dancer.

Dress Code

Boys should wear a white t-shirt, black athletic shorts or pants and black shoes that correspond to the dance shoes listed for each class below. Girl's dress code listed below.

Twinkle Toddlers: (all pink) leotard, dance skirt, tights, leather ballet slippers. Mom's wear clothing such as athletic wear, dance wear or anything that is stretchy and comfortable.  Athletic shoes, jazz shoes or ballet slippers are best for footwear but not required.

Precious Ballet: (all pink) leotard, dance skirt, tights, leather ballet slippers

Bedazzle & Starlite Ballet: black leotard, black dance skirt, pink tights, pink full soled ballet shoes.

Glitter Tap/Shimmer & Sparkle Tap & Jazz: All black - leotard, dance skirt or jazz pants, tights, tap shoes, jazz shoes (if required)

All Classes: Hair must be worn in a pony tail or bun unless very short.  With the exception of studded earrings, no jewelry is allowed.  No gum chewing, candy or food allowed in class.  Dancers should bring a water bottle to class.


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