Precious Dancers Academy will conduct a Precious Recital in the Springtime. In a warm and relaxed atmosphere the students will share a lovely sample of dances on stage. The dancers will be dressed modestly in attractive costumes. The emphasis of our recitals is upon the child, the joy of dance and the celebration of their accomplishments as opposed to a stressful "big production."

In accordance, the recital fee helps to defray the costs of our performance such as the auditorium rental, recording costs, sound and light crew, programs, etc.


Recital Fee: $75 ($55 for any additional children)
Instrument: $25


$65 per child for XS, S, M, and Intermediate child sizes
$75 for L, XL, or XXL child sizes
Only 1 costume required per class, due Nov. 1st.

The costume and instrument costs are due no later than Nov. 1st.  The Recital fee is due no later than February 1st..